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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Agribusiness Management (Master Degree)

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The Department of Agribusiness Management was established in 1975 under the name of “Department of Agricultural Economics” at the National Pingtung Agricultural College. The department has undergone several name changes before attaining its current mane of the “Department of Agribusiness Management” affiliated under the College of Management Science at the NPUST in 1997. Since then, the department has offered four-year B.S. programs in both day- and night- division. Subsequently, it began providing M.S. programs in 1999, executive M.S. programs in 2001, and an M.S. program of extension education in Hualien County in 2004.

The department offers basic courses covering from management, economics, agribusiness, statistics, to computing. It also offers professional courses including farming business, farmers’ organization, leisure agriculture, agri-marketing, food marketing and trade. The program embodies a balanced blend of classroom work and practice in agribusinesses.

Job opportunity
Approximately 51% of the under graduate students of our department work for the agribusiness related industry; about 11% work for the three major agribusiness fields; about 5% of them work for the government, and about 15% of them work for school and research institutes. Most of them work in the areas of marketing, planning, management, sales, freight and shipping, information technology, service, logistics, international trade and financial related sectors. In addition, some of them may start their own business and some work for farmers’ associations.


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