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National Taiwan Normal University

Mechatronic Engineering

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Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
Others: MA and PhD program provide English courses
Fall / Spring

The department goal is to establish systematic mechanical and electrical integrated teaching and research. The curriculum plan uses “Precision Machinery” and “Opto-Mechatronics” as two core fields, through academic lecturing and experimental teaching to apply opto-mechatronics to design and manufacture electromechanical systems, and developing students with complete opto-mechatronics concepts and systematic practical experience design ability. Research focus of the department is to integrate mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering technologies, develop mechatronics technology talents with systematic integration, while meeting industry needs, and research to develop opto-mechatronic systems or products for high-tech industry. The curriculum planning and teaching considers industry needs and develops students with the ability to apply all their knowledge to engineering technological practical experience.
Currently, MT has a faculty consisting of 17 full-time professors. The teaching and research activities are mainly conducted at the following laboratories located in the College of Technology building: Opto- Mechatronic system Laboratory, MEMS Laboratory, Artificial Intelligence and Bio-system Laboratory, Automatic Control Laboratory, Sensor and Transducer Laboratory, etc. At present, MT admits annually 52 Master students and 220 Bachelor students. Its long-term development plan includes the establishment of a Ph. D degree program.


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