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National Taiwan Sport University

National Taiwan Sport University

MSc & MPE dual degrees programme in International Sports Coaching Science

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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Being an elite sport coach requires years of experience and opportunities to work with talent athletes. The MSc & MPE programme could largely shorten the learning process by providing genuine courses delivered by a great combination of professional lecturers from two elite sport universities. Our master programme offers full time sport coaches or student-athletes a unique opportunity to enhance their understanding of coaching science, the scientific skill of working with professional athletes, and the ability of supervising the training programme for a sport team. Each student will also be certified as a professional strength and conditioning coach after taking part in series of academic and practical sessions. Each student’s objective and goals are different and our dedicated teaching faculty, coaches and performance specialists will work diligently to make sure their needs are met. It is an intensive taught course, students need to study in NTSU campus in August, September, February and March in NTSU for the first 2 semesters, then half year back in the home country for research work and internship, and taking oral exam and thesis final check in TE in June in the 4th semester.
National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU) has educated Olympic medalists and leaders for professional sports coaches and sports scientists in Taiwan over the past 30 years. As a sport-specialised higher education institute, members in NTSU are also active in sport/exercise related societies in Asia and dedicated to make NTSU the leading sport institute in Asia.
University of Physical Education, Budapest (TE), with 89 years of history, has produced more than 180 Olympic medals, is a leading sport-specialised institution of higher education located in Europe. It is the largest, most comprehensive and the oldest centre for physical education and training of sport in Hungary. In this dual degrees programme, senior lecturers will come to NTSU campus to join the teaching faculty.
The MSc & MPE dual degrees programme in International Sports Coaching Science combines the methodology and content of the Asian and European approach in coach education. The purpose of the MSc & MPE programme is to identify those elements, which are useful in the European model and its combination with and adaptation into the Asian circumstance may enrich the quality of the coach education in Asia. The European and Asian conceptual thinking in coach education can be efficiently merged and embedded into a new aspect of coach education.

Why Us?
1. Dual Degrees
Students who meet all the graduation requirements will receive dual MSc and MPE degree certificates in International Sports Coaching Science.
2. Budget & Authentic European Education
Students receive authentic European higher education and learn the European model of success with less than half expenses for studying in Europe. All students will register in both universities and enjoy equal support from both universities, e.g. access to online e-journals database of both universities, career advice service.
3. Professional Certificate for Strength and Conditioning Coach
Our teaching faculty members will introduce strength & conditioning course and latest concept of training monitor into this programme from USA. All students will be awarded a Certificate for Strength and Conditioning Coach after passing exams, including academic knowledge and weight lift technique.
4. Get Involved with Professional Teams
Students have opportunities to get involved with 20 professional sport teams in NTSU as an intern coach or student-athlete. The campus is beautiful and large with good training facilities and quick access to the modern capital – Taipei city with MRT.
5. Access All Sports Facilities
All students can access all sports facilities with cheap entry fee (e.g. swimming pool & indoor tennis centre) or free of charge (e.g. fitness centre before 4pm, tracks, badminton court in the evening, outdoor tennis court, outdoor basketball court…)
6. Opportunity to study in beautiful Budapest
All students will have to take part in final exams & Graduation Day in TE in the end of 4th semester. Therefore, students could have opportunity to explore Budapest and to meet friends on TE campus.
7. More Opportunities in Coaching Career
After learning the European model and concept in sports coaching, students can merge into their local culture or system in order to improve performance in their coaching career, or seek for the working opportunity in EU countries as a coach.

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