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Feng Chia University

Master's Program in Green Energy Science and Technology

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Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of green energy, faculties of GEST are from a variety of diverse academic/technical backgrounds, such as material science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering. Our faculty members coming from multidisciplinary teams are all deeply engaged in research and have numerous technical publications (journal papers, conference articles and patents).

Our research topics include:
1. The anaerobic Fermentation for Biohydrogen Production including culture enrichment technology, high-rate three-phase bioreactor, molecular biological technology and pilot-scale technology
2. Hydrogen and fuel cell, such as proton exchange membrane fuel cell and renewable hydrogen.
3. Renewable energy, such as solar cell, solar energy, wind power and biomass.
4. Energy storage system, advanced power management and energy-saving technology in manufacture.

We have more than 20 faculty members supported and joined in the GEST from variety of department at Feng Chia University. In the past few years, Feng Chia University biohydrogen team has achieved a world-leading performance in terms of biohydrogen technology. The 400 liter dark fermentation pilot plant was constructed at Feng Chia campus in December, 2007.


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