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國際經營管理學位學程 International Business Administration

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Above 90% taught in English

The International Business Administration (IBA) program is an all-English undergraduate degree program that introduces students to important themes in global business and leadership. This program offers a diverse curriculum of business courses with an emphasis on fostering global awareness and cross-cultural communication. The IBA program is the first degree program to come out of Tunghai’s International College, which was established with the goal of creating an academic environment where students and staff expose one another to diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives. In order to foster these cross-cultural experiences and exchanges, the International College brings in recent graduates from foreign universities to act as Mentors for the students, and invites foreign professors to teach various courses during a spring mini-mester. Students of the IBA program will gain a multifaceted understanding of global trends in business, economy, culture, and the arts, all in an international learning environment. Through language and multicultural immersion, students will learn about different cultures and global issues, and gain the skills to help them develop into leaders in business and management.

Special Features of the Program:
1.Truly an All English Program.
2.International Environment- Teachers, Students and Exchange Students.
3.Study Overseas Opportunity- Exchange Program, 2+2 Program, 3+2 Program.
4.Interaction with Global Leaders from International Corporation and Successful Private Entrepreneurs that Lead to Internships and Jobs upon Graduation.
5.Nurturing Environment with Teachers, Advisors, American Mentors, and Classmates.


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