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National Tsing Hua University

Department of Material Science and Engineering

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75% taught in English

Our department was founded against this background in 1972, followed by the establishment of its Ph.D. program in 1981. The initial goals were to cultivate specialized materials scientists and, at the same time, provide strong impetus for the native materials industry, and create a hotbed for basic and applied materials research on the island. Today, these goals have been amply met. The department is now one of the highest esteemed departments in universities of this country in terms of both faculty and research facilities. Currently, the roster of faculties includes 26 full professors, 8 associate professors and 2 assistant professors with research areas covering metallurgy, electronic materials, ceramics, polymers, thin films, corrosion and surface technology, materials characterization, and such forefront areas as micro-machining and environmental protection. Current student enrollment consists of 417 undergraduates, 233 graduate students in master's programs, and 165 in the doctoral program. As of December, 2016, the department has conferred 2940 BSc degrees, 2527 MSc degrees, and 642 PhD degrees. The graduates from this department are well received for their excellent performance in various industries, research institutes, and universities. The Thomson Reuters ranking of 2008 ranked Tsinghua University Materials Science Research as no. 37 worldwide.


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