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National Tsing Hua University

Institute of Service Science

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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The PhD program at ISS in an international program aimed at cultivating high-level researchers who will tackle important issues in service phenomena and develop the service science discipline.
Tomorrow’s business researchers must understand the complexity of modern services and leverage rapidly emerging innovations in science and engineering. Being able to conduct research through the lens of a service dominant (S-D) logic will give students a unified perspective of today’s complex environment. PhD students from ISS can push the boundaries of research in the new field of service science or apply the service perspective to conduct innovative research in other established fields.

Today’s leading organizations emphasize their need for interdisciplinary innovation. A PhD in service science allows students to deepen their existing expertise and while gaining know-how that lets the work with creative minds from other disciplines.

The rigorous PhD training at ISS will equip students to work at the cross-section of different disciplines, armed with the ability to critically analyze complex systems, and equipped with working knowledge of the latest emerging technologies. Students will explore new areas of research on service systems, while creating and managing innovative new services. Our integrative research, classes, and projects allow students to develop themselves in several areas:
Developing information systems that deliver and support modern services
Modeling, managing and marketing services
Designing innovative service experiences
Leveraging data analytics for improving service
Imbuing services with a sense of humanity


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