University & Program

Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Social Work

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

(A) BSW Program
The faculty members possess their own expertise and dedicate themselves to research in various areas. They are educators with visions and are willing to invest their time and efforts in social work education.

1. Use of multiple teaching methods to enhance students’ learning outcomes.
2. Provide quality teaching equipment
3. Provide multi-dimensional internships and overseas internships (eg. Mainland enterprises, the Philippines, Cambodia), and a substantial system of internship supervisors.
4. Offer courses that comply with the contemporary society, such as "International Relief and Social Work", "Disaster Management and Social Work", "The Concept of Poverty and Social Assistance", "Employment Service and Social Work”, "Social Work for Indigenous People", etc.
5. Cultivation and implementation of students’ social work ethics.

(B) MSW Program
The developmental characteristic of the Master's Program is mainly on community-based social welfare. The department offers two courses (the “Community –Based Social Welfare” and the “Seminar on Community Work”) as the experimental courses. The “Community-Based Social Welfare” course leads students to conduct case studies in the Taipei Metropolitan area. The “Seminar on Community Work” course requires students to engage with undergraduate students to conduct fieldwork in communities of the Taipei Metropolitan area. Both courses try to lead and implement the development of community-based social welfare.


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