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Fu Jen Catholic University

Bachelor’s Program in Catholic Studies

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The Bachelor’s Program in Catholic Studies was founded in 2011. It is the first academic program in Catholic theology to be recognized by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. The mission of the Bachelor’s Program in Catholic Studies is to help prepare to lay Catholics with solid theological knowledge and ecclesiastical training so that they can not only contribute to the future development of the Catholic Church in Taiwan but also to the betterment of human society. The program consists of four years of study. Blessed with the rich resources of a comprehensive university, students are encouraged to pursue dual degrees or academic minors under the guidance of the program mentors.

Learning Goals
1. Study a wide range of fields from a Catholic perspective, including theology, history, economics and business, spiritual writings, art, philosophy, health care, architecture, political thought, the sciences, education, and literature.
2. Integrate faith and reason within different disciplines and professions, joining faculty and students from a variety of programs to discover how divine faith and human reason are two complementary, not competitive, orders of human knowledge.
3. Learn how to articulate the essential harmony of faith and reason and its application in your primary major and future profession.
4. Learn to apply the Catholic faith to every facet of your life, and experience how this faith can transform every aspect of ordinary life.
5. Apply Catholic, Benedictine values as you learn to practice a vigorous spiritual and sacramental life through courses and other activities.

The Catholic Studies bachelor's degree at the Fu Jen Catholic University is an exciting interdisciplinary program that examines the Catholic Church’s contributions to human thought and culture. The Catholic Studies Program seeks to build a close-knit community of faculty and students, from multiple academic and pre-professional programs, who together discover the rich and multifaceted ways Catholicism can be integrated into academic, professional, cultural, personal, and social life. This program has the flexibility to be an easy double major.
- Explore the interplay between Catholicism and culture.
- Encounter the interaction of faith and reason within multiple disciplines.
- Experience how the Catholic faith can enliven every facet of your life.


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