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Fu Jen Catholic University

Ph.D. Program in Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

Contemporary diversified health problems pose severe challenges to today’s Food, Nutrition, and Diseases sciences. This Ph.D. program integrates basic sciences in Food, Nutrition, and Biomedicine with advanced education, novel research with the hope to serve our society. The education missions of this Ph.D. program are the following. (1)to train the teaching professions;(2)to cultivate advanced R&D professions; to prepare the leaders in academic, government, and business institutes with necessary backgrounds.

By integration of basic sciences in Food, Nutrition, and Biomedicine and of biotechnologies in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Immunology, Microbiology, Genomics, Proteomics, and Epidemiology, the research focus and perspectives of the Ph.D. program include ten Research Cores. By translation the basic science research conducted with cellular, animal models, and human subjects to meet today’s challenges, we aim to provide tomorrow’s healthy lifestyle with innovation in functional foods and foods safety, human nutrition in diseases prevention and prognosis, and human wellness promotion. We hope to support the government's health policymaking, strengthen food and nutrition education and offer health social services.


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