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Fu Jen Catholic University

Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (Ph.D. Program in Comparative Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies)

Program Level
Language of instruction
75% taught in English

The target students are those who hold a MA degree in the Humanities or Social Sciences from domestic or foreign universities (the MA candidate should have completed more than two-thirds of his/her MA thesis) and have studied one foreign language. Integrating theory and practice, the instruction of the program features internationalization and practice orientation. With the goal of cultivating interdisciplinary professionals with an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural vision and research ability, the program emphasizes the development of the ability to employ several languages and to communicate cross-culturally.

(1) To develop the professional characteristics of comparative literature research and enhance the ability to conduct innovative research through the integration of languages, literature, and culture.
(2) To cultivate cross-cultural and interdisciplinary professionals with local interest and international vision.


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