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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of French Language and Culture

Program Level
Language of instruction
Others: Chinese and French

The special features of the curriculum
1. Providing opportunities for multi-faceted learning.
2. Helping students to cultivate their individual interests.
3. Giving students an international outlook: Student exchange programs give students the opportunity to study at a university in France for one year.
4. First-class teaching: Students are taught in small groups, with different instructors for different groups of students taking the same course (in the same year). Writing and conversation classes are taught by native French instructors, while reading, grammar etc. are taught by Taiwanese instructors.
5. Providing a humanistic education that builds character: Literature, culture, art and Bible study classes help students to develop into cultured, mature individuals.

Curriculum Design Philosophy
The fundamental goal of the required courses is to cultivate the five key abilities to listen, speak, read, writing and translate, while the purpose of elective courses is to cultivate students’ abilities in specialist fields. The four-year undergraduate program gives students the ability to speak, understand, read, write and translate French competently, while also giving students an international outlook through their exposure to French culture. At the same time, the logical thinking that uses of the French language encourages also helps to improve students’ judgment, organizational skills, and ability to think independently, thereby cultivating creative, high-caliber individuals who can make a major contribution to society in the future.


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