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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Advertising and Public Relations

Program Level
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

The Department believes in balancing theory and practice, and is distinguished by the following features in its approach to education:
- Equal emphasis on theory and practice.
- Participation in important competitions is encouraged.
- High standard demanded of a graduate special project.
- Strict requirement of English proficiency.
- Strong emphasis on teamwork and "learning by doing".

Directions for Development
The following directions for the Department were determined after a balanced review of the availability of teaching resources, developments in the specialty, and general demands of society:
- To nurture specialists who can apply theories of communication and marketing management to the field of advertising and public relations.
- To strengthen students' knowledge of digital communications and media by providing multimedia-related practical courses in keeping with technological developments.
- To cultivate in students a wide perspective in advertising and communication through enhanced analysis of advertising as a socio-cultural phenomenon.
- To improve students' ability to inter-discipline & integrate different specialties in order to meet the varied demands of a diverse society.
Education Objective

The Department aims to nurture well-rounded and highly professional advertising, public relations, and multimedia specialists from a holistic education approach.


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