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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Physical Education

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Fall / Spring

【Physical Education Section】
The main objective is to develop physical education teachers for schools at all levels, physical fitness instructors, physical education and athletics extension personnel, and sports sciences researchers. It adopts a curriculum that combines cultural cultivation and physical skills developed by strengthening and advancing the close coordination between subject contents and skills, in addition to continuing the objectives of traditional physical education courses.

【Competitive Sports Section】
The main objective is to develop outstanding athletes and athletics coaches and fitness instructors for schools at all levels. On the basis of the athletic skills that the students already possess, their understanding and competence in their specialized sport is improved and their own potential is developed. The curriculum also aims to enrich the basic knowledge and skills of physical education teaching and athletics instruction and training.

【Sport and Health Management Section】
The main objective is teaching the theory and practice of health-related knowledge and sports and health business operations to develop health and living guidance planners, sports and health business operators, and sports and health theory and system researchers. In addition to strengthening students¡¦ awareness of the relationship between physical activity and health, their knowledge and skills of organizational decision-making, task execution, results in improvement, and activity implementation in the process of advancing human health through physical activity will be developed.


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