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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of History

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Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

The goal of the department is to educate students in accordance with the principles of Fu Jen Catholic University which aims to facilitate the flow of culture from East to West, to cultivate in students a global vision, independent thinking and research skills, to build a solid professional foundation, appreciation for the humanities, and to encourage students to give back to society.

The department is currently working on developing its future in preserving traditional characteristics of learning and promoting world history, in addition to emphasizing Chinese foreign affairs and religious studies.

The purpose of establishing the department was to emphasize a strong education in the humanities, to cultivate students’ interest in Chinese history and the history of other countries, and develop their analytical and research skills. The department aims to educate students in theory and application, stressing the importance of curriculum planning in order to promote effective learning. Having a good foundation in their major is important for finding employment in the humanities.

The department aims to point students in the direction of Fu Jen Catholic University’s mandate, which is the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, providing a holistic educational community for teachers and students, as well as harmonization of Chinese culture and Christian faith, in order to appreciate the development and progress of human society. With regards to research, the pursuit of true knowledge is paramount in cultivating enthusiasm for the humanities. We promote knowledge integration, and ultimately, we want students to have good moral sentiment and a rich, fulfilling life.


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