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This department's mission is to both complement and supplement the College's mission of providing an excellent individualized globalized futures education that prepares students for the future by emphasizing the values and standards of judgment required for lifelong learning, personal development and community leadership by offering politics and economics course taught from a perspective which incorporates related social science and humanities perspectives. Students are required to develop critical reasoning skills while recognizing the importance of economic, political, and philosophical principles in the process of developing a better understanding of how Western and non-Western societies interact with each other and provide for their material well-being. To aid in meeting the College's General Graduation Requirement of introducing all students to social science theories and methodologies needed to understand and analyze global society.

1. To provide opportunities for students to reassess personal values regarding economic and political issues.

2. To require students to gain a personal understanding of economic and political principles within a broad domestic and global societal context.

3. To require students to develop an understanding of major political/economic philosophies and questions of justice and to provide opportunities for students to struggle with questions of justice regarding public policies in a global environment.

4. To required our majors to develop the perspective and sufficient analytical methods needed to develop the proficiency required to conduct actual research of issues containing strong economic and political content.The Department of Global Political Economy aims at offering integrated courses on international political economy and regional political and economic developments. To assist in implementing TKU’s policy of globalization, more than 95% of the courses in this Department are taught in English. Faculty members all possess Ph.Ds and are qualified to conduct lectures in English. Among them, 50% are foreigners, coming from Singapore, France, Germany, and Poland.

More than 6 years of growth has made this young department an excellent place to study for both local and foreign students. The specialized courses, the practical liberal education and the splendid extra-curriculum activities all help students grow into professional and independent thinkers. 63% are residential full-time teachers who offer students consultation on both learning and living affairs. All students stay in furnished dormitories, and live and study together, which has helped to turn the Lanyang Campus into one big family.

To increase the level of internationalization and cross-cultural learning, foreign students are more than welcome to join this department. There are currently 28 foreign students enrolled in the Department of Global Political Economy, coming from the USA, Central & Southern America, Europe, and Asia. A friendlier international environment has come about by offering more Chinese courses for foreign students, introducing a variety of activities on Chinese culture, and the sharing of a room with a local student in the dormitories, etc.


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