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National Sun Yat-sen University

Institute of Medical Science and Technology (Master Degree)

Program Level
Language of instruction
50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

In response to the trends in ageing population, many countries try to set health care plans for their citizens and support the development of the medical equipment industry, which is capital and labor intensive. Due to the economic importance of the industry, many companies also make great investments in the industry and the relevant ones. To cultivate more talents in the field, the Institute of Medical Science and Technology (IMST) at NSYSU was established in 2013. Combining the fields in science, engineering, agriculture and biomedicine, the curriculum features the interdisciplinary researches in biomedical molecules, biomedical materials and medical equipment. The institute offers master and doctoral programs to recruit graduates from the field of medicine, science, engineering, agriculture and marine sciences to cultivate the talents in the interdisciplinary fields of biomedical technologies.

Initial objective:
Cultivate the talents in the field of biomedical technologies to contribute to the local industry and industry-academia cooperation

Medium-term objective:
Increase the cooperation with national research centers to increase the international visibility of the Institute

Long-term objective:
Help strengthen the cooperation between the local and international industry and further promote the research and development of the medical industry in southern Taiwan


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