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The Department of Multicultural and Linguistic Studies was established in 2005 on Lanyang campus, Tamkang University. One of the core missions of the department is to develop students’ multicultural awareness and nurture a global view. Not only are 90% of courses taught in English, but all students are also required to spend a year abroad studying in their junior year (third year). The campus is based on a traditional residential collegiate system that accommodates all students and staff and offers pastoral care and a holistic education. The other mission of the department is to mold students into all rounded citizens with critical thinking skills by teaching foreign language skills and imbuing students with professional and international perspectives.

1. To prepare students to achieve intermediate competency in a modern foreign language.
2. To assist students to develop fluent and accurate oral and written expression, and the ability to easily communicate cross-cultural issues.
3. To prepare students to acquire and apply the skills of the liberal arts, including reading and listening comprehension, oral and written communication, and critical thinking, with particular reference to multicultural and language issues and analyses.
4. To educate students with professional knowledge in areas such as linguistics, literature and culture, in order to develop cross-cultural perspectives.
5. To help students develop the ability of applying multicultural concepts, theories and analytical tools to communication on foreign affairs.

Career Development
1. Students may choose to continue their studies in either domestic or foreign graduate programs to obtain Master’s or Doctoral degrees. Programs include but are not limited to (multi)cultural Studies, Communication, Linguistics, and English for specific purposes.
2. Students may develop their career in fields such as British or American culture and educational studies, translation, writing, tourism, journalism, secretarial administration, international trade, mass communications, computer and multimedia production, and others.


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