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National Tsing Hua University

Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Science(Master)

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Under 50% taught in English

The courses of NES are divided into two categories: (1) nuclear power plant engineering, and (2) nuclear science & radiation application. The curriculum can be subdivided into "reactor physics and engineering", "reactor safety and heat transfer", "nuclear materials", "radiation shielding and application", "plasma nuclear fusion engineering", "nuclear instrument and control", and "nuclear science".
The research development is consistent with the course categories, and is focused on "nuclear power plant engineering" and "nuclear science and radiation application".
In nuclear power plant engineering, the research area includes power upgrading, safety analysis, stability analysis, two-phase flow dynamic analysis, new generation nuclear energy and hydrogen production system, material high temperature electrochemistry, back-end management and aging management etc.
In nuclear science and radiation application, the research area includes radiation medical application, neutron capture therapy, neutron and x-ray small-angle scattering, applications of synchrotron radiation and neutron beam, health physics, radiochemistry, and radiation biology.
The Institute provides a variety of courses related to nuclear science and engineering and attracts many well qualified students to enroll. The teaching and research activities of the faculties are highly recognized by the students.


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