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National Tsing Hua University

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Program Level
Language of instruction
75% taught in English

The undergraduate program has three major goals and objectives: 1. To develop the masterful familiarity and grasp of the English language in practical usage and all aspects of communication, and the acquisition of basic proficiency in a second foreign language (in addition to English); 2. To develop independent thinking and skills for in-depth analysis through the study of literature and linguistics and professional training in applied linguistics; 3. The cultivation of a cosmopolitan worldview.

Core capability:

.The ability to communicate and express oneself in the English/a foreign language.
.The ability to analyze classic canons of literature.
.The ability to look for problems and conduct research (including conducting linguistic analysis through scientific methods).
.The ability to think creatively.
.The ability to examine issues through global and multicultural perspectives.


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Office of International Affairs
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