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Hsiuping University of Science and Technology

Department Of International Business Management

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Above 90% taught in English

The educational goal of the Department of Information Management is to educate students to become specialists possessing the capability to integrate information technologies of business application and management. Starting with courses in elementary MIS and Applied Mathematics as our department´s curriculums design basis, two course fields make up the major practical discipline programs: Software Design and Management (SDM) and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP).
Following the curriculum design, students of this department will receive adaptive training on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills through well-organized course plans. We place particular emphasis on students' practical training through application manipulation and laboratory participation.
The purpose is to improve students' applied skills and familiarity with information systems and business applications. In brief, students who graduate from the program have the practical skills and capabilities in information systems planning, design and management to meet the demands of the business world.


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