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National Central University

National Central University

Molecular Science and Technology Ph.D. Program of TIGP (MST)

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Above 90% taught in English

In 2002, Academia Sinica set up the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP), in order to attract young scholars from around the globe to its campus for advanced, inter-disciplinary studies. In cooperation with the top universities in Taiwan, TIGP will offer ten program options in 2011. All courses will be conducted in English and research grants are available for qualified students. TIGP is a unique and exciting intellectual community that will provide young scholars with tremendous opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Lists of Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) in NCU:
(1)Molecular Science and Technology, Department of Physics
(2)Earth System Science, College of Earth Sciences

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MST program emphasizes establishment of problem-solving ability and developing individual’s self-reliance and self-confidence to conduct independent research work. In this program, faculty members will take turns to serve as mentors for first-year students until they have formally joined a research group to conduct their thesis study, which should take place within the first two semesters after their admission into this graduate program. As a rule, students complete a program of required courses before embarking on the research training. The MST program adopts a team-teaching system, where each faculty member teaches the subject according to his or her expertise. Courses offered include required and elective courses. All courses will be delivered in English


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