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National Sun Yat-sen University

Global Human Resource Management English MBA

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Above 90% taught in English

GHRM MBA: An MBA With A Global Outlook
Global Human Resource Management (GHRM) English MBA program has been established by the College of Management, NSYSU, to offer local and international students a program that covers the key HR concepts, activities, and critical issues that all managers need to know, such as leadership, ethics, organizational theory, recruitment, organizational behavior, production and operations management, employee development and work culture. GHRM MBA is a full-English program that harnesses its resources to provide students with practical and theoretical grounding.
The goal is to mold students into professional HR managers with a global outlook. By studying at our 2-year GHRM MBA program, students will be prepared for an illustrious international career in a wide array of organizations and industries. Through class lectures, workshops, seminars, and internships, students will receive the fundamentals needed to work in the ever dynamic and competitive world of Human Resources.

Intended Student Market
GHRM MBA is ideal for those who want to develop a deep understanding of human resource management. The program is open to fresh graduates, employers, managers, and professionals who are passionate about studying or working in the field of human resource management with a special emphasis on international HRM.


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