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National Sun Yat-sen University

Master of Global Human Resource Management

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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program is established on the need of the College to strengthen the HR profession, and to give students some grounding in how key areas of business are integrated in successful organizations. Its goal is to give its students a solid, well-rounded education in the HR field, accentuating team building and a global outlook. With the coming era of globalization, nations are racing intensely to gain competitive edge by investing in innovative knowledge and global talents developments, especially in the pursuit of academic prestige and elite-talent cultivations. Therefore, it is important for the full-time

Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program to harness its resources and provide students with opportunities to acquire both theoretical and practical skills. The program aims at delivering a new English master degree program that will develop competitive global talents and equip students with human resource management knowledge, needed greatly today by international companies.

Intended Student Market

The program welcomes not only those who study/work in the HR sector—employers, managers, and professionals, but also those who are interested in the field of HR and for those with an interest in managing/communicating with people.


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