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National Sun Yat-sen University

Department of Sociology (Bachelor Degree)

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Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

History and Development
The department is the first undergraduate sociology program established in public university outside Taipei metropolitan area after 1945, which signifies the long-standing intellectual and political-economic gap between the North and the South Taiwan. Since the setup, the department has been actively participating in Taiwan’s social movements, and become a leading organisation in the campaign of social justices like gender equality, environment protection, migrant’s rights, indigenous citizenship, etc. The Sunflower movement in 2014 made the department island-wide known due to its strong commitment to the democratic reform and support of student movement. In addition to the active participation in social movements, top-quality teaching and researches are supported by the energetic and remarkable scholars at the department. The vision of the department is to deepen the connections with South Taiwan and the Global South, and to contribute to the world justice without borders.

Core Skillset
Through the training of the core courses of our department and elective courses in three major fields, graduates from the Department of Sociology will be equipped with the following core skills:

1. Acute observations on social relationships.
2. Critical, analytic and writing skills.
3. Capacity to empathize with and care about the fringe of the society.
4. Teamwork spirit to collaborate on solving social problems.
5. Independent thinking and abilities to come up with social innovative ideas.


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