University & Program

National Chung Hsing University

Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and Transnational Cultural Studies

Program Level
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

Course Design

The M. A. program consists of four course groups:
Group A: Core courses, including:
• Thesis
• Japanese
• Advanced English
• Seminar on the History of Taiwan Literature (I)
• Seminar on the History of Taiwan Literature (II)
• Research Methodology in Literary Studies
• Contemporary Theory and Literary Criticism
• Topics in Taiwan Literary Studies
• Selected Readings of Taiwan Literature in English Translation and Practice
• Selected Readings and Translation Practice of Japanese-language Literature
Group B: Taiwan Literature and Transnational Studies, including:
• Studies in Taiwan Classical Literature in Transnational Contexts
• Comparative Study of Taiwan Literature and Chinese Literature
• Taiwan and Modern Japanese Literature
• Seminar on Chinese Literature by Japanese Writers in Taiwan (1895-1945)
• East Asian Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
• Taiwan and East Asian Literary Studies
• Studies in Taiwan and Asian Popular Literature
• Studies in Taiwan and Asian Films
• Seminar on Global Popular Culture in Taiwan
• Topics in Global Chinese Literatures
• Workshop with International Scholars (I)
• Workshop with International Scholars (II)
• Taiwan and the Third World Literature
• Taiwan Culture and Globalization
• Taiwan Literature and Cultural Translation
Group C: Literary Genres and Modes, including:
• Seminar on Taiwan Classical Literature
• Seminar on Writers of Taiwan Classical Literature
• Seminar on Modern Taiwan Poetry
• Seminar on Modern Taiwan Prose
• Seminar on Modern Taiwan Fiction
• Seminar on Novels by Taiwan Women Writers
• Seminar on Contemporary Taiwan Writers and Literature
• Seminar on Literature in Taiwanese
• Studies in Taiwan Documentary Films
• Seminar on Chinese Language Films
Group D: Taiwan Literature and Cultural Studies, including:
• Taiwan Hakka Literature and Culture
• Taiwan Indigenous Literature and Culture
• Seminar on Taiwan Literary Communication
• Literature and Hypermedia Art
• Taiwan Literature and Environmental Studies
• Taiwan Folk Literature
• Seminar on Taiwan Regional Literatures and Research
• Theory and Practice of Nativist Writing
• Taiwan Literature and Digital Archive
• Seminar on Life Histories
• Studies in Diary and Taiwan Literature and History
• Seminar on Literature and History
• Seminar on Modernity
• Studies in the History of Taiwan Religion
• Studies in Shamanistic Culture


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