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Horticulture includes a broad spectrum of science, which deals with the producing, and handling of fruits, vegetable crops, ornamentals, selecting and cultivating of plants for both interior and exterior landscape designs.
Its goals are: (1) In line with modern agricultural development as well as the demands of our society, we educate the future horticulturists with global views, modern concepts, advanced technologies, and the ability to apply theories into practice. (2) Using fruit, vegetable and flower crops as basic materials for developing modern breeding technique, biotechnology, postharvest handling and computer automation. Hopefully, students will develop specialized skills with which to handle the problems that will confront them in the future. (3) Beautification of environment and its related applications are emphasized to meet the high living standards of the modern society.
Research Highlights

The horticulture department conducts researches of a wide range of topics such as the aspects of genetics, physiology, crop cultivation, nutrition, biotechnology, environmental beautification and protection, as well as landscape design and planning.
It conducts researches on production of healthy fruit trees, plant tissue analysis, controlled-atmosphere storage of tropical fruits, off-season production of fruits, mineral absorption of fruit trees, horticultural management, and improving production of grape, papaya, mango, and Indian jujube etc.
The vegetable programs feature the influence of environmental factors on the production quantity and quality, effects of heavy metals and nutrients on the growth and development of vegetable, seed quality and viability, plug seedling production system, delicate horticulture, and development of growing materials.
Researches concentrate on breeding, the improvement of flower seedlings production and cut flower quality, and regulation of flowering period.
It conducts researches on isolation and characterization of the stress-resistant genes in vegetables, and transformation of them into cruciferous vegetables, isolation and transformation of color-related genes in flower and fruits, development of chloroplast transformation technology, as well as establishment of the molecular markers of horticultural crops.
♦Postharvest Handling
Researches concentrate on the development of postharvest handling technology for horticultural products including transportation, quarantine treatment, and establishment of the postharvest handling system.
♦Landscape Architecture
The program highlights the planning and design of outdoor spaces. Researches have been emphasized on the landscape evaluation and their applications, the testing of planting design principles, computer simulation, landscape ecology, the development and management of natural resources, tree protection, green space system, as well as the benefits of landscape.


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