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Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

Department of International Business Administration

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Above 90% taught in English

Department of International Business Administration (IBA) offers professional knowledge and practical experience in management that help you define your learning path in international business. The IBA has a long tradition of academic and practical training excellence in Taiwan, which is respected by leading employers. Moreover, IBA serves as the business knowledge provider and is responsible for the overall quality and progress of business education at Wenzao. We participate in the milestones marking your individual professional progress and work to ensure the quality of education students receive here.
We have three programs: the day and night division of four-year undergraduate programs and the two-year graduate program that have a reputation for producing professionals and leaders who have a major impact on the business. Our undergraduate programs, focus on the fundamentals of business administration and reach specific management fields like "marketing", "human resource", "finance", and "international trade." The graduate program combines the international business administration and culture management.
In the age of increasing globalization, graduates with a degree in business administration and a specialty in international business are obviously in demand. To nurture talents in international business, the philosophy of education in IBA is combined by four ideas: languages, business knowledge, practice, and ethics. Languages are the critical tools of communication and the cornerstone of Wenzao in education. Business administration is the core value of IBA and the essential of corporations. The internship and the international exchange programs are designed to improve the comprehension on the academic theories and get closely to the real-world relevance. Ethics is infused throughout the program. IBA aims to foster talents who are honesty, courteous, loving and helping people, and professional.

The alumni of IBA are the best partners of entrepreneurs who extend their business globally. About 40% of alumni serve as contact window for international business or are in charge of branch company abroad for Taiwanese corporations, setting foot in U.S., Candia, Europe, South-East Asian Nations. Twenty three percentage of alumni engage in international transportation business.


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