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National University of Kaohsiung

International Master of Business Administration國際商業管理碩士學位學程

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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) is an entirely English Taught Two-year full-time MBA program offered by the College of Management of National University of Kaohsiung. The NUK IMBA program emphasizes the importance of learning by doing and quality interaction, providing our students good opportunities to develop a social network of local and international contacts, and develop a good channel for organizations to sponsor their potential employees and our students with project opportunities.The NUK IMBA curriculum offers breadth, depth and diversity and meets the career needs of our postgraduate students to help prepare them to become business leaders. Our courses are tailored to meet emerging standards and industrial trends specific to China, Taiwan, and ASEAN industries. As expected, choosing to study the IMBA in Kaohsiung is a cost-effective route to a MBA degree, and could save you thousands of US dollars per year, and help you access to the biggest growing economy in the world, while giving you necessary skills to make a real valuable difference in the workplace, from marketing and management to finance, accounting to information.The IMBA program can help you to navigate corporate culture, and it supports our students in developing the skills they need to pursue career plan, and makes them more competitive in the job market. The IMBA program is fully supported by more than 40 faculty members of the College of Management whose research and teaching focus on the fields of economics, finance, information and management. Our faculty and staffs have a wealth of professional expertise and are strongly committed to sharing their knowledge and profession with the public. Our faculty can take an active part in weekly seminars, and are willing to participate in open and timely discussion with supervised students. We also invite experienced business leaders and overseas professionals to serve as adjunct faculty to teach in the program.


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