University & Program

National University of Kaohsiung

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering化學工程及材料工程學系

Program Level
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Development Characteristics
At NUK, the Department provides a vigorous education to prepare students to become highly qualified chemical and materials engineers and tomorrow’s technology leaders. Additionally, the Department aims to expand and advance the frontiers of technology through research and innovations.
Our initiatives focus on three major themes:

■ Nano and Molecular Engineering
■ Advanced Materials Technology
■ Biochemical Engineering
► To provide students with a solid foundation in both chemical and materials engineering.

To cultivate students with a liberal arts education, critical thinking, effective verbal and writing ability, and research and innovation ability.

Postgraduate Opportunities
■ Advanced Degree Study
Graduates may pursue an advanced degree in chemical engineering, materials engineering, nanotechnology, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental engineering, energy technology, biomedical engineering, management, electrical engineering, information engineering, industrial engineering, etc.
■ Career Opportunities
Students have a broad array of industry options available upon graduation: electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor, materials, petroleum, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, mechanical and metal industries. Our graduates’ average salary is usually higher than graduates whose majors are arts, law, or management, and is also one of the highest among science and engineering graduates. According to statistics, chemical engineers in Taiwan can make, on the average, an annual salary of NT $1000K within 5 years of graduation.


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