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National University of Kaohsiung

Department of Life Sciences生命科學系

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Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Development Characteristics
The goals of establishing the Department of Life Sciences are multidimensional:
► The department embodies the government policy in developing biotechnology industries in southern Taiwan through collaborations and alliances.
► The department nurtures today’s students to make them into tomorrow’s leaders, with advanced life science expertise in the 21st century.
► The department prepares students with diversified postgraduate options. They can pursue advanced studies, build a career in life sciences, or become an entrepreneur for the advancement of life sciences.

The characteristics of the department are as follows:
■ Collaboration with Industries in Southern Taiwan

The department develops courses while collaborating with various biotech industries in Southern Taiwan, such as the new Kaohsiung Biotech Industrial Park, the Southern Taiwan science parks, and many others.
■ Complete and Flexible Course Modules

The integrated undergraduate and graduate studies at our Department aim to develop research in three major areas: molecular and cellular biology, biotechnology, and bioenvironmental sciences. We offer a wide array of courses to students in a systematic way.
■ Integration of Curricula, Space, and Resources

We have a vibrant teaching and research program, with full-time faculty and joint appointments in the Institute of Biotechnology. In addition, the research facilities and space allocation have been coordinated with the Institute of Biotechnology, to achieve the highest level of training for students.

Our teaching focuses on integrating fundamental and applied life sciences, to nurture today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders in the field of life sciences. Consequently, the four-year course provides students with flexibility and a wide selection of specialized courses. A few of the courses we offer are fundamental life sciences, mathematics, chemistry, and physics, as well as specialized biotechnology training, to prepare students for their future careers in the emerging industry. We also encourage students to participate in faculty laboratories during the winter and summer breaks, to gain research knowledge and experience.


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