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National University of Kaohsiung

Department of Western Languages & Literature西洋語文學系

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

■ Language Training

Students are placed into small classes to intensify their training and ensure better learning efficiency. The main courses include: English Listening and Speaking Practice, Oral English, English Composition, Introduction to Translation, and Second Foreign Language. Each student is required to take one second foreign language for two years, earning a total of 8 credits in that language for graduation.
■ Comprehensive Literature and Culture Courses

Basic courses, such as Approaches to Literature and Introduction to Western Literature, prepare our students for more advanced studies in culture and literature. Study of the historical background of each literary period provides a better understanding of the literary tradition during that time period. More advanced studies include courses in literary movements, literary theories, philosophy, and ideological trends. Core courses include History of English Literature and History of American Literature. These courses are supplemented by a series of elective courses, such as English and American Fiction, English and American Poetry, English and American Drama, Shakespeare, etc.
■ Linguistics Curriculum

This curriculum aims to impart a basic knowledge of linguistics to enable students to continue their study in this field. The main courses include Introduction to Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Syntax, Sociolinguistics, Computational Linguistics, Anthropological Linguistics/Linguistic Anthropology, and Corpus Linguistics.
■ Business-Oriented Courses

The curriculum integrates modern high-tech, business management, and foreign language to furnish students with a competitive edge in the job market and postgraduate study admission.
■ Advanced Degree Study
Graduates may pursue their graduate study in Taiwan or abroad.
■ Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include working for industry, teaching, and research institutes, public service, journalism and other media, and a wide range of other professions.
■ 2+2 Double Degree Program

NUK undergraduate students who complete the first two years in a Bachelor degree at NUK and who meet UQ GPA and English entry requirements will be eligible for admission to a Bachelor of Arts at UQ for the period of two years. Upon successful completion of the two years full-time study in Bachelor of Arts degree in the University of Queensland, NUK students will graduate with the UQ Bachelor of Arts degree.


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