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Ming Chuan University

Travel & Tourism Program

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The aim of the Tourism major in the International College is to nurture personnel with the knowledge and skills for professional planning and management, combining both of theory and practice in travel and tourism related services, so that the graduates are not only able to work in the tourism industry, but to improve the quality of this industry.
1.G1:To make teaching excellence a reality
2.G2:To provide individualized, up-to-date, and relevant instruction in a highly student-oriented and internationalized environment.
3.G3:To prepare students with professionalism through program of international standard, integrated theory wit industry operation, and internship practice.
4.G4:To providing advice and training that is instrumental in growing the stature and professionalism of our business, society and global market.

Core Competencies:
A1:Ability to understand international travel and tourism discipline
A2:Ability in excellent written, oral communication skills and clear expression in more than one language (communication skills)
A3:Ability to compete for management positions and to secure upward mobility
A4:Ability to work and interact with people with diversified culture background by showing their team-spirit and respect (interpersonal skills)
A5:Ability to think logically and critically and shoot/solve problems
A6:Ability to apply academic/class knowledge into reality and
A7:Ability to develop the love for learning the habit of independent and self-learning
A8:Ability to promote the importance and essentiality of travel, recreation and leisure to the health of all people and society
A9:Ability to manage this ever-changing industry with confidence, professionalism, good ethical judgment and social consciousness. "


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