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National Yang-Ming University

National Yang-Ming University

Institute of Health and Welfare policy

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Under 50% taught in English

The curriculum designed in accordance with the concept of 3D matrix covers area-specific training (longitude), issues on health and welfare policies (latitude), and the target populations. The training includes both quantitative and qualitative studies. The quantitative studies cover epidemiology and statistics that allow the students to conduct empirical investigations and review hypotheses systematically. The qualitative study provides students to observe and understand various policies and issues on health and welfare in detail, to apply them to studies on the disadvantaged groups, to reflect the real needs of the target population from their viewpoint, and to make constructive recommendations and introspections on health and welfare policies.

Curriculum design:

Master students
The graduation requirement for the master degree is 24 credits, including 6 credits of the required courses, 6 credits from the thesis, 2 credits from the required in different area, and electives selected by students according to their major, academic research topic, and personal interest. Required courses: Public Policy, Research Methodology (I) and Biostatistics (I), the Introduction to Social Welfare (required for students in medical and health policy), the Introduction to Public Health ( required for students in social welfare).

Doctoral students
The graduation requirement is 36 credits, composed of 6 credits from the required courses, 4 credits from the seminars, 12 credits from the courses in the major discipline, 8 credits in submajor, and 6 credits from courses in other research area again to gain interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Required courses: Advanced Biostatistics, Advanced Qualitative Research, Advanced Health Welfare Policy, and Advanced Research Methodology.


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