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After a long period of democratization movement in Taiwan since the 1980s, the authoritarian education establishments, like those institutes of Sun Yat-sen studies, set up in all major public universities, were under pressure to change in the 2000s. Most of these institutes changed the name as “National Development Studies”, while keeping the organizational structures intact. However, based on the future-oriented vision, the former President of National Sun Yat-sen University, Professor CHANG, Chung-cheng (張宗仁), merged the Institute of Mainland China Studies and Sun Yat-sen Studies as a new institute, Asia-Pacific Studies, and created a brand new social science institute, ie., the Graduate Institute of Sociology, after consultations with different academic parties and approved by the Ministry of Education in late 2006 to recruit postgraduate students from the autumn semester, 2008.

Professor WANG, Hong-zen (王宏仁) was invited to run the newly launched institute in 2007, who worked closely with Professor Wen-Hui Anna TANG at the General Education Centre in the first few years to recruit many excellent scholars, including Professor HO, Ming-sho (何明修, now at the National Taiwan University), Professor CHENG, Li-hsuan (鄭力軒, now at the Chengchi University) and Professor CHEN, Mei-hua (陳美華). With the support of the University, the Sociology Institute expands its program to undergraduate, and the Department of Sociology was set up in 2011.

In the later years, outstanding professors or post-docs of diverse backgrounds, including anthropology, human geography or cultural studies, are recruited to strengthen the teaching and research capability of the department. In 2019 a new Master Program for Indigenous Studies was set up in the department to cover the missing issues of Austronesian studies in Taiwan’s sociology scholarship. Professor Taiban Sasala, from Rukai tribe, an indigenous social movement activist, is recruited to run the new program.


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