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National Sun Yat-sen University

Department of Electrical Engineering (Bachelor Degree)

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Above 90% taught in English
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Our department of Electrical Engineering features eight research topics, including semiconductor electronics, control systems, computer engineering, power engineering, EM waves, communication systems, SoC and biomedical engineering, and has been engaged in a great breadth of research themes. With 41 professors and 14 adjunct professors, our department has ranked TOP5 of the best EE department in Taiwan. Beyond the campus, our department has collaborated with companies from the Kaohsiung Software Park, Luchu Industrial Park, Tainan Science Park and many more. Through mutual collaborative programs and technology transfer, we have implemented our academic research results into practical industrial products, and provided leading technology to solve tough issues faced by enterprises. We believe this collaboration can not only strengthen these companies’ competitiveness and create more jobs, but also have a prosperous impact on our communities.

The undergraduate programs of our department emphasizes on a balanced training between theoretical studies and practical lab experiments. Our mission is to introduce undergraduate students into the EE field by providing common core courses, and lead them to have a complete picture of this field, understand basic principles of EE, and search individual research interests. More than regular courses and laboratory experiments, students are required to take an independent research project during their senior years to integrate underlying principles and translate into practice.


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