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Department of Chinese Literature (Ph.D Degree)

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The Department of Chinese Literature was founded in 1980. To encourage students to continue pursuing higher education, we set up master and doctoral programs respectively in 1990 and 1993.

1.To develop humanistic values:
The Department provides students with a study environment imbued with history, literature and philosophy in the hope that students can practice humanistic values, develop the ability of self-reflection and cultivate a value judgement based on morality.

2. To cultivate macroscopic perspectives:
Chinese intellectuals have taken as their fine tradition the integral study in literature, history and philosophy. The Department retains this tradition to train our students in comprehensive thinking and multifaceted perspectives.

3. To develop holistic education:
It is our goal to educate students to find self-identity, respect others and care about the environment, and eventually follow these rules in life.

4. To develop a global perspective based on Taiwan:
In addition to broadening international perspectives, students are asked to remember our own tradition and history. On the one hand, students keep tradition in mind, while on the other hand they are encouraged to actively make contributions to international affairs.

5. To enhance professional competence:
The Department is committed to training students for professional competence in not only academic studies and application of language and literature, but also in taking social responsibilities, such as role-modelling and promotion of social harmony.

These five objectives are to guide students to be outstanding in intelligence and life. More importantly, students are expected to become modern global citizens in possession of senses of history, responsibility, and the world.

The Department offers bachelor, master and doctoral programs to students. Comprehensive curricula are provided, including literature, linguistics, classics, and the history of philosophical thought. The Department emphasizes not only the in-depth research on Chinese classics, but also the establishment and development of modern academic trends. Our graduate program accentuates the students’ ability of critical thinking and exploration of the tradition of Chinese literature and thought.


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