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Yuan Ze University

Master of Business Administration Program, the College of Management

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The Master of Business Administration Program, the College of Management, includes three programs.(MBA Program in Management and Service Science, MBA Program in Leadership,MBA Program in International Business)

1.MBA Program in Management and Service Science
MBA Program in Management and Service Science are taught by a body of faculty using theories, real world practice, and case studies to give students both width and depth in the field. The program is research intensive. The Service Science Enterprise Center facilitates cooperation between academics, business companies and governmental units in order to gain real-world experience while in school.

2.MBA Program in Leadership
MBA Program in Leadership is aimed at providing the graduate level training in management knowledge and leadership skills with emphasis on Chinese leadership style in a global context. This program features a theory-and-practice-balanced curriculum where courses are conducted by faculty members from various fields in the College of Management in a small-class setting. Upon graduation, the students will obtain a Master of Business Administration degree. The connections that College of Management has with various major industrial firms allow students to gain real-life experience while they pursue their degrees.

3.MBA Program in International Business
In the rise of intense global competition, continuous innovations in business arrangements are imperative to ensure a competitive edge. The MBA Program in International Business offers a cutting-edge graduate international business education that prepares students for today’s global environment. Students are exposed to international business issues via case studies, truly English environment, and international academic affairs in order to promote students’ English communication skill.

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