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Founded in 1997, the Graduate School of Social Informatics (GSSI) at Yuan Ze University is the very first graduate school focusing on the study of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their implications from social sciences perspectives in Taiwan. The GSSI aims to bring about a greater understanding of the various social factors that are shaping, and being shaped by, the ICTs. This is an interdisciplinary program that integrates social science disciplines to examine the development of information society and to study the public policy and strategy for a better information society.

Different from traditional social sciences, the study of social informatics is empirically anchored, as well as analytically, critically and normatively grounded. The research emphasizes on examining the design, uses, and consequences of information and communication technologies in ways that take into account its social, institutional or cultural contexts.

Research Emphasis:

Students in the GSSI are required to take basic courses including Introduction to social informatics, Quantitative and qualitative methods, Seminars in social informatics and Thesis writing. In addition to those required courses, students may choose courses from two main categories: (1) Information Policy and Law; (2) Social and Organizational Informatics.

1. Information Policy and Law:

Core courses include: Regulation theories, E-democracy and governance, Technology and international relations, Digital communication law, Telecom policy and law, and Seminar on Information law.

Advanced courses include: Intellectual property rights, Information privacy, Information security, Internet governance, Digital convergence and law, and Law of electronic commerce.

2. Social and Organizational Informatics:

Core courses include: Network economics, Innovation theory, Management of IT industry, Theories of Information society, Netizen and virtual community, and Digital divide.

Advanced courses include: Seminar on global information economy, Electronic commerce, New labor market and employment structure, Social relationships and social networks, and Application of geographic information systems.

The Features:

The Graduate School of Social Informatics at Yuan Ze University aims at interdisciplinary social studies on information society.

This program provides training to:

1. Enhance students’ understanding of the development of information society and abilities of research methods to observe and analyze issues in the information society.

2. This program offers professional and practical courses on information technologies and their applications.

3. This program provides an understanding of social changes from a global view point, and encourages students to participate international academic activities.

4. This program provides good equipment and environment to facilitate further academic research


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