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National Chi Nan University

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

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Classic is another name for the record of thoughts and the result of wisdom of the human being. In modern life, classic is the basic reference that guides us to the future. Our department, therefore, carries the mission of both passing on the old and to create the new. By strict academic training, we seize the classic. Also by integrating with the research in other fields, we develop researches related to Chinese and culture. Therefore, students are required to have the basic ability to comprehend the classic and the modern. Furthermore, the classic need to be reborn by developing a broad view towards to world.

The intellects should lead the new trend as to upgrade humanity development and the movement of society. The courses of our department are very flexible and lively, which enables students to blend modern with the ancient.


Our department tries to give Chinese a new point of view by offering students with the broadest view and numerous choices. We have the basic principles of “diverse”, “free”, and “originality”, which present:

1. classic blend with modern

2. equally emphasize humanity and technology

3. theory and practical are in one


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