University & Program

National Taiwan Normal University

Graphic Arts and Communications

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

Make effective use of information technology and design expertise in the production, publishing and management of graphics, text and audio.

Cultivate engineering, media creative and management expertise for video & film communications technology and production.

Cultivate engineering, business and management expertise in graphic communications (printing) technology.

Cultivate research, quality control and management expertise in print communication technology and publication management technology.

Cultivate creative, research, quality control and management expertise in video & film communications software.

Cultivate high-level planning, creative and management expertise in printing & publishing media and video & film communications media technology as well as technology management expertise in "print publishing and video & film communications media" for the enterprise and academic sectors.

Cultivate the high-level communication engineering and technology management expertise required for developing a "knowledge economy" and video & film communications technologies in response to new developments in graphics art communication technology.

Strengthen international academic collaborations and establish a sound partnership between academia and the industry.

Support research and training in applied technology for the "Image Display Industry" and "Digital Content Industry".

Form teaching partnerships with academic organizations involved with cultivating technical expertise for the domestic publishing and video media industries.


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