University & Program

National Taiwan Normal University


Program Level
Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

*The Bachelor program provides enough English courses to meet graduation requirements.

The NTNU Department of English aims to prepare its students to become teachers of English in secondary schools and to enter other professions that require a good command of English. We also assist in the development of English teaching and learning methodologies and practices at the secondary school level. Therefore, the core curriculum in our four-year undergraduate program emphasizes the four basic English language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) during the first two years of study. In the last two years, students gain professional knowledge and research skills in literature, linguistics, and TESOL. In addition, we devote ourselves to the promotion of advanced research in British and American literature and theoretical and applied linguistics, as well as to the training of research-oriented college instructors of English.


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