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National Taiwan Normal University


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Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
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Others: PhD program provide English courses

To foster an environment that cultivates excellent talents for educational research and practice. The department offers a comprehensive, well-designed curriculum which allows graduates to be equipped with knowledge and ability in instructional practices as well as school administration. Graduates are encouraged to take the civil service examination or work in related field, such as education, social education, and other education related industries. Additionally, administering effective professional development programs for in-service teachers and school leaders has been a major task for this department.

To become a leading educational research institute in Taiwan. Based on the expertise of faculty members, this department comprises four academic divisions: Philosophy and History of Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Policy and Administration, and Curriculum and Instruction. The research capacities of each division are very broad and diverse, and the research outcome are very outstanding in both quantity and quality.

To actively participate in policy-making and provide professional services to local school. Faculty members have been active in taking part in educational policy- making at both the central government as well as the local governments, in providing input on the selection of school principals, school evaluation policies, and teacher recruitment criteria. All of these activities enhance the social impact of this department.


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