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Yuan Ze University

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

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The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS) was established in 1989. Faculty memberships are composed of one distinguished professor, three visiting professors, six full professors, five associate professors, six assistant professors and one lecturer. There are about 650 students (including undergraduate, MS PhD students). Due to the multifarious developments in the chemical industry and chemistry education, the DCEMS not only emphasizes traditional chemical engineering process design and basic theoretical foundations, but also has developed courses in materials science, biotechnology, energy, protection of the environment, and manufacturing improvements. The aim of the DCEMS is to cultivate students who have a professional knowledge, expert skills, and innovative creativity.The graduate school places emphasis on fostering highly trained chemical engineers with independent research abilities. The faculty members of this department also take part in research programs of the Yuan Ze Environment Technology Research and Fuel Cell Research Center, and have shown excellent achievements in these areas.
In order to meet the interests and abilities for undergraduate students, the department offers a wide choice and an integrated program of courses in three major areas, namely (1) chemical process and environmental pollution prevention, (2) material technology and (3) bio-materials and -technology. The graduate courses are emphasized on the application of technology as mentioned above. Another, offer the interdisciplinary course from interdepartments.


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