University & Program

National Taiwan Normal University

Computer Science and Information Engineering

Program Level
Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
Others: MA and PhD provide some English courses
Fall / Spring

Our educational goal is to train students into specialists in the field, capable of thinking independently, solving issues that they may encounter in the future.

To achieve that goal, our department offers complete computer science and engineering related courses. Along with top-class teachers and research resources, the undergraduates will gain strong fundamental knowledges in computer science, and the graduates shall become specialists in the field, capable of learning the newest knowledges, developing the most advanced technologies.

Students graduating from our department can enter the industry as engineers (software engineer, programmer). They will also be offered the choice to become teachers in primary/secondary education schools (those who wish to do so must complete the Teacher Education Programs and Intern Programs). It is also possible for the students to continue pursuing for higher degree, and later enter the academia for research jobs.


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Office of International Affairs
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