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Tunghai University

音樂學系 Music

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English

Admissions policy for the department of music:
Undergraduate students are normally admitted to Tunghai University’s Music Department either by applying directly to the school ( or through the government sponsored Joint Entrance Examination system. Undergraduate students who meet the necessary requirements may apply to the department as transfer students from other institutions and take an entrance examination given in July of each year.

For students applying to the master’s degree program, application is made directly to the school. The examination usually takes place in either March or April for the coming academic year which begins in September.

Non-Taiwanese students must apply through Taiwan’s University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students ( or apply directly to the school.

Scholarship Opportunities:

  1. In a given academic year, for the top undergraduate student who applies directly to Tunghai
  University, all tuition and fees will be waived for the first academic year (not including dormitory
  fees). For the number two student applying directly to Tunghai, 50% of all tuition and fees will
  be waived for the first academic year (not including dormitory fees).

  2. Transfer student’s scholarship: Scholarships will be given to the top two students whose
  major instrument is one that the department has made a priority for admission during the
  particular academic year.

  3. The Gong Xue She Scholarly Foundation provides scholarship monies to outstanding students.

  4. The Tonghe Music Foundation also provides scholarship monies for outstanding students.

  5. The Music Department grants the Tunghai University Scholars Monetary Award to the top two
  music students who win national or international music competitions during the current academic

  6. Scholarships are available based on financial need.

  7. Monetary grants are available when emergencies arise.


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