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Tunghai University

畜產與生物科技學系 Animal Science and Biotechnology

Program Level
Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English

The Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology (ASBT) was established in the Fall of 1975 as the earliest department of the College of Agriculture at Tunghai University. We offer undergraduate, master and doctoral programs to people in Taiwan and all over the world. We provide our students with a full spectrum of knowledge and trainings in biological basic sciences and technologies applied to domestic livestock. We also offer them opportunities to study various aspects of animal sciences, exclusively in animal feeding, nutrition, management, genetics, breeding, reproduction, physiology, applied biotechnology and the utilization of animal products. The students could choose to work and research on a diversity of animals, from the cattle, pigs to the chickens. The graduate students of ASBT under the supervision of our faculty members receive complete and superior disciplines in animal biology, food production and modern biotechnology. Our well-equipped research facility including twelve teaching and research laboratories and a small-scale library allow our students, faculty and staff to perform systemic studies and proceed with lab courses. In addition, the AnSB is affiliated with a 60-acre experimental farm consisting of roughage, dairy, poultry, deer and swine divisions, as well as a milk-processing factory, both of which largely enrich the environment for learning, teaching, training and research.

If you are interested in animal science studies, planning your future career in animal science and biotechnology or hoping to study on the most beautiful campus in Taiwan, the Department of Animal Sciences and Biotechnology at Tunghai University will be your first and foremost choice.


The department has twelve Laboratories : Physiology and Breeding of Domestic Animal, Animal Nutrition, Microbiology of Animal Products, Processing and Analyses of Animal Products, Molecular Biology and Cellular Physiology, Biotechnology, RIA. The department has many important apparatuses such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer, Phase Contrast Microscope, Extra High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, Ultrasonic Tissue Homogenizer, Smoke House, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Anaerobic Glove Chamber, Anaerobic Fermenter, Calorimeter, Liquid fraction collector, Vacuum freeze drier, Electrophoresis system, PCR Thermocycler, CO 2 Incubator, and Ultrasonic Scanner.


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