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中國文學系 Chinese Literature

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The Department of Chinese Literature was the first established academic department when the Tunghai University was founded in 1955. At the time, it was one of the two universities in Taiwan. After several decades of cultural and political turmoil in Mainland China, the establishment of Chinese Literature Department in Tunghai University had the significance of realigning intellectuals exiled from Mainland China to Taiwan, in considering the inheritance of Chinese cultural heritage and the recreation of new legacy for posterity. In 1970, the Graduate Institute of Chinese Literature was established to provide master’s program which offers Master of Arts (MA) degree. The Graduate Institute has commenced its doctoral program offering Ph.D. degree from 1985. In 2005, an in-service Master’s program was set for the purpose of cooperating with the government's policy of promoting higher education, balancing regional academic development, and encouraging in-service training of teachers in elementary and middle schools systems as well as the general public, providing them with multi-access channel of learning.

Through decades of efforts, the Department has already built a fine tradition of scholarship and disciplinary learning. The Department is well-known for encouraging our students to become versatile through cross-discipline and cross-cultural approach of learning. The Department also has long term reputation for immersing students with liberal arts spirit and at the same time providing them with professional instruction in creative writing. Many of our students and graduates hence have earned important writing awards and have become respected writers full with humanistic concern.


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