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National Kaohsiung Marine University

Mission of the University: The University has strengthened students’ internship, laboratory courses and off-campus internship training. It integrates into related industries with which it plans the last mile of students to make a smooth transition into the workforce and realizing the educational result of getting students ready for the workforce immediately upon graduation.

Focusing on Marine Technology: The University is the only technical university with the sea as its focus. At present, the University has 14 departments and 13 graduate institutes. The academic disciplines of management, hydrosphere, maritime affairs and ocean engineering are covered by four colleges and a Commission of General Education.

Emphasizing Innovative Research and Industry-Academic Collaboration: Using the University's facilities and human resources and through training sessions and collaborative projects, the University closely integrates with the marine-related industries by giving full play to the Center of Marine Industry Technology, the Innovation and Incubation Center and the Merchantman Seafarer Training Center.

Promoting the Goal of Internationalization: The University has conducted reciprocal academic exchanges with over 29 maritime affairs universities from the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Vietnam, Thailand and Mainland China, etc. Meanwhile, the University sent over 26 exchange students overbroad for study since 2007, and has 31 foreign and overseas students now study here.

Establish year : 1946

Location : Kaohsiung City

Type of institution : National technical University

Feature area : Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, Information and communication technologies, Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary medicine

Contact : International Office

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TEL | +886-7+3617141 ext. 2042

Faculty : 234

Student : 7206

Undergraduate | 6663

Graduate | 524

International Students | 19

Academics : 35

College | 4 Department | 15 Grad. Inst. | 16