Taiwan has a multi-ethnic population of more than 23 million, is one of the most densely populated regions in the world. After the implementation of democratization in the 1980s, Taiwan had become one of the developed countries as an indispensable partner in the global village. Taiwan is small, but retains the ancient Chinese culture which is reflected in their daily lives, from the historic temples lined with streets, and the antiques collected in the National Palace Museum. Besides, the most effective way to learn Chinese is to study traditional Chinese characters in the modern, Chinese speaking society of Taiwan. There are 40 Chinese learning centers located at universities offering classes year around, providing a variety of courses for students of proficiency levels.
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2019 Taiwan Experience Education Program Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology One ~ four months (six months maximum)
Connecting the World with Your On-Site Experience in Taiwan: Exploring the Beauty and Innovation of our Rural Education National Chengchi University Please contact us