Yuanpei University of Medical Technology

YPU: Food Analysis, Food Processing

The academic exchanges and cooperation between YUMT (Taiwan) and KMITL (Thailand) has been flourishing and thriving sine establishment of sister-school-hood in 2011. This project is exclusively for students of KMITL, Thailand and will focus on the academic exchange between Dept. Food Science of YUMT and Faculty of Agro-Industry of KMITL, Thailand. We will invite 2 students with food science background from the Faculty of Agro-Industry of KMITL to visit our Food Science Department in the summer of 2020. These two KMITL students will work with our students in the lab under the supervision of YUMT food science professors. Meanwhile, we will encourage these students to take this opportunity to explore Taiwan further with the help of our volunteer students.

Program: YPU: Food Analysis, Food Processing
School: Yuanpei University of Medical Technology
Organizer: Department of Food Science
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Period of Apply:
  • 2020/01/01 ~ 2020/12/31
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Contact Person: Prof. Yi-Huang Chang

TEL: ychang@gm.ypu.edu.tw

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Hsinchu is home to the largest Hakka community in Taiwan. The Hakka residents in Hsinchu have unique dialects, customs and religious practices that reflect the diversity of culture. In recent years, Hsinchu has enjoyed a thriving economy with support from the Hsinchu Science Park and Hsinchu Industrial Park.
Location: Yuanpei University of Medical Technology